Texas Silica Mining Project

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Price: US $60 Million

Appraisal (estimated minimum): US $1.824 Billion; based on 54M tons at best estimate of price of $35/ton and 96.5% average minimum grade

Terms Options: Cash; Finance, 50% down, open APR, after 1st year, up to 10 years

Project Brief: The Silica Mine Project is extraordinary in many ways. It has a strong management team in place or committed, rich 54M-ton ore deposit, very economical, non-chemical processing to produce annual net profits of $20M or more, located only minutes of a major North Texas city, minimal permitting requirements, ready-to-buy customers in TX and nearby states, and immediate access to rail, road, power, water, telephone and a large labor force. It is a great money-making machine only requiring implementation of well-designed plans.

Exit Strategy: Sell, 2011; IPO or Sell to Large-Industry Buyer, 2016

Current EBITDA Profit: Not in Production Yet

Minimum Projected EBITDA: US $20M, year 3

Ultimate EBITDA: US $25M, by year 4; Adding $5M after full production reached

Management Team Experience (Number, Total Experience): 5, 155; CEO in place, the rest are identified; marketing man very experienced; about 35-50 labor force readily available

Operating Company: Silica City Management, Houston TX (management team available on request)

Property Definition: 324 Acres; Ground Level

Year Purchased: 2003

Location Condition: Immediate, Good; Surrounding Area, Excellent; Region, Excellent; Have good neighbors, not enough silica tonnage elsewhere to build plant.

Permits: Need all plans and specs ($150K) including mining safety. None secured at this point.

Mine Documentation: Geologic Rpt, 2005; Assay Rpt, 1987-1993

Sales Documentation: Project Summary, 2011-06-01

Additional Information: Has a railroad spur bypass and county road access, gas and high-tension lines within a mile, well and telephone on property. Only need pad for building and processing, as well as transportation equipment. Products: fiber glass, glass, oil and gas fracking sand, and foundry sand for smeltering. Have excellent team members, using local off-the-shelf equipment to create production plant, and growing market in this fine-grain silica sand.

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